Searching Balance, 2019mixed-media
I am looking to generate a space where to focus attention for a short amount of time, 3 minutes, to slow down the speed of the everyday, and immerse the viewer into a sensorial space which aims to produce introspection, on a personal level, and en masse. The black mirror refers to the use of obsidian mirrors in the Mesoamerican tradition, particularly in Mexico; the same material was used to make either a spearhead or a mirror, one that would show your darker side, that which you cannot accept. The audio consists of a series of questions that relate to living in our hyper-digital world, narrating stories, doubts; it resembles guided meditation, confronting the spectator with him/herself, by asking these very questions. The original script was written in Spanish, and is translated into Romanian via Google, so, it is ultimately a machine that guides the process of questioning the so-called technological world. The idea is to work with the intrinsic power of things, where tension emerges from the ways in which different forces converse with one another: the power of the mirror, of the machine-translated message, and the inner strength of every individual.