With Agrofit, art has never felt this healthy. Mixing farms and fitness, Carlos Fernández has taken to the wooded hills of Costa Rica for a series of exercises built to blur the lines between working out, political protest, and artistic performance. 

Fernández, who works as a trainer in organic farming practices, sees Agrofit as a way to counter agricultural policies that have progressively come to damage us all. From those who grow our food to those who consume it—without forgetting the earth our eating habits are draining—Agrofit is a form of artistic protest and performance conceived to safeguard our health in the face of politics that are turning a blind eye to social and ecological concerns.

Agrofit, 2014
Video, 6:00 min
Unique video

Agrofit was on display at the Latin America overview show at the Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Bergen Kjøtt (Norway), Fuso Festival (Lisbon) and was part of the In Focus series by Random Institute.